Ticket to Drive


Make your last impression the one that counts

Join us in this special promotion that’s designed to encourage show guests to go to your dealer network for test drives.

How does it work?

The Ticket to Drive display area will be set up  at the exit to the show. As a show guide advertiser*, you can join this additional promotion for $895 (net) per featured vehicle. Each package comes with a 6′ pop up banner showing an image of the featured vehicle and test drive ‘tickets’ handed out by our Show Guide hosts. The vehicle will also be featured in the Show Tour video available at the Ticket to Drive website. Each tour lasts two minutes and provides an inside and outside view of the vehicle, as well as voiceover narration.

Attendees can scan the QR code on the ticket to open a test drive reservation form. Completed forms are sent to your brand’s website or directly to local dealers.  There are different codes for each of the featured vehicles.

Brands will also have the option of setting up their own kiosk and displaying out of home ads in the ticket area to promote their participation in Ticket to Drive. Ask us for more details about space and cost.

To encourage test drive bookings, there will be more than $1,000 of prizes available through a random draw.

(*Based on availability, non-advertisers will have the opportunity to participate in Ticket to Drive for $1,595 per vehicle. There will be 16 vehicle test drive positions available.)