Out of Home




Z: $19 per sq ft         F: $1,230 per window pane

Out of home locations now available

We’re now offering out-of-home placement in key, high-traffic areas of the event venue. The Vancouver Convention Centre building features a number of exterior glass wall faces that will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Entrance and exit areas, the food and beverage areas, and escalators to and from the main show floor have also been approved for out-of-home placement.

We provide production, installation and removal to ensure a perfect fit. Placement will run only during the show and is only available in the interior of the venue. Please contact us to discuss your ideas. (All prices net and include production, installation and removal.)

V: $5,000    K: $1,680    H: $410 per panel


L: $2,700   U: $860    J: $ 1,840     C: $1,960


E: $650 per panel